Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I invest in Flagbees for my class?  
Flagbees can solve so many problems in your classroom. With Flagbees, the teacher can receive silent cues from students while they continue working. Flagbees make transitions smoother and work time more productive. Visit the How To Use section to discover the many creative ways to use Flagbees in your classroom.  

Why don’t students ‘play’ with Flagbees?
Flagbees are like any other teaching tool. Guidelines and expectations must first be established so students understand the benefits of having their own personal desktop aide. When the teacher sets boundaries and explains how Flagbees can help both the student and teacher, students will see the value of using them properly. If you allow them to play with rulers and their scissors, chances are they won’t respect their Flagbee either.

How do Flagbees stay on desks?
Flagbees must be attached to desks. We suggest using a sticky adhesive such as poster putty or sticky tack. Some teachers also use Velcro.

How are Flagbees being used in corporate settings?
Recently businesses have begun purchasing Flagbees for use in office settings. Most commonly Flagbees are affixed to the top of a desk or cubicle to communicate to others in a nonverbal means. For instance, they indicate when the employee can handle more work or when assistance is needed. We have also seen them used in training settings to communicate to the trainer when the trainee has completed one task and can move on to the next set of instructions. Whenever a quiet signal may be needed for whatever the organization calls for, Flagbees may be the answer.

How big are Flagbees?
Flagbees are extremely durable and stand 9" tall with a base that measures 4" x 2.5". In the down position the Flagbee is only 2" above the desktop.

What are Flagbees made of and where are they made?
The base and pole of Flagbees are made of durable plastic and molded right here in Kansas. The flags are constructed of heat-sealed high quality grosgrain ribbon. They are hand-sewn in Kansas as well. We are proud that Flagbees are American made and safe for use in your classroom or business setting.

How long will they last?
Flagbees will last as long as you want to use them. With extended use over a period of years the flag may seem to drop down too easily, but there is a quick fix. Simply add a bit more adhesive under the left part of the base to raise it slightly. 

Some of the tips on the top have ‘disappeared’, how can I replace them?
A few extra tips are included in each order. If you need additional tips or flags, just send us an email. We’re happy to send you more. 

Do you ship internationally?
We are happy to ship internationally. Because rates vary, it’s best just to send us an email. We can go from there. 

Do you accept Purchase Orders and Checks?
We understand that credit card payment is not always an option, so we are happy to accept P.O. and checks.
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