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When a student is in need of assistance, the specially designed Flagbee can rotate up on its swivel to an upright position. This quiet signal for help minimizes class disruptions and notifies the teacher that help is needed, while keeping the students on task to continue working.

When students raise their hand each time they have a question, they become disengaged. Flagbees help students attempt to problem solve on their own while they are waiting for teacher assistance. Many times a student may lower his or her own Flagbee without teacher intervention, because they have come up with the solution on their own.
  • Use several different colored flags to easily identify learning styles.
  • Implement management and grouping techniques.
  • Provide for differentiated instruction.
  • Create a more efficient classroom. 

Classroom Management Ideas - Flagbee

Classroom Management Strategies - Flagbee


Flagbees are extremely durable and stand 9" tall with a base that measures 4" x 2.5". In the down position the Flagbee is only 2" above the desktop.

The flags are constructed of high quality, hand-sewn grosgrain ribbon. Select the perfect color combination by choosing from eight different color flag attachments. You may wish to choose a wide variety of color variations to allow for more classroom management strategies.

Select from 32 color combinations by visiting our Online Store.

Flagbee Ribbon Colors

Yellow Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Red Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Blue Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Black Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Orchid Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Green Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Orange Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Lime Green Flagbee Flag - Classroom Management Tools
Lime Green

Flagbee Assembly

1. Remove the black cap from the Flagbee.
2. Slide flag ribbon into place on the Flagbee pole.
3. Replace the cap.
4. Apply removable sticky adhesive of your choice to the bottom of the base. This is extremely important in order for the Flagbees to remain in place. They MUST adhere to the student's desk.
5. Press the base firmly to top of desk with tray side toward the student. Make sure that a lowered flag does not protrude off the desktop and remains completely on the desk. 
Flagbee Classroom Management Plan Box

Managing Your Classroom

  • To insure that Flagbee will be used appropriately in the classroom, spend a few minutes explaining its valuable purpose to the students.
  • Impress upon the students that the Flagbee should only be used as a classroom management aid and will assist the students and teacher during work time. Allow them the opportunity to appreciate and respect their own personal “desktop assistant”.
  • Students shall not play with, manipulate, or abuse the Flagbee. They shall ONLY be used as instructed.
  • Teachers may use the Flagbee for a wide variety of instructional techniques throughout the day. With appropriate direction and reinforcement, students will learn to use them as specifically instructed by the teacher.
  • You will discover many strategies for the Flagbee. To get started, visit the “Classroom Management” section of our website.
Classroom Management Techniques - Flagbee
Classroom Management Techniques 2 - Flagbee
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