"The Flagbee has made such a tremendous difference in the amount of time spent on task in my fourth grade classroom. In the past, I had always asked students to raise their hand if they had a question about a problem and I would get around to them as soon as possible. At times, during those difficult assignments, this took quite a while. I encouraged students to continue working while I made my way to them. Inevitably work was not continued due to the fact that it is extremely difficult for a child to continue working while raising his or her hand.

The Flagbee has changed this concept completely. Now that I have Flagbees in my classroom students who have a question during independent work periods simply raise their flag and continue on to the next problem/question. It is absolutely amazing! This is one of the most valuable tools a teacher can have for his or her classroom." 

Mindy Pope - Marshville, NC
Teacher Molly Pope_Flagbee Classroom Management Tool
Mindy Pope, 4th grade teacher at New Salem Elementary School, has a degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Education.

"I'm a big fan of Flagbee! For a long time I tried to come up with a solution to wasted time resulting from students having to stop work while raising their hands for help in math class! Enter Flagbee! My students pop up the flags, and move on to the next question.  This allows me a chance to move around the room and offer uninterrupted support! It has changed the tone of seat work in my class!"

Darrel Brenton - Conception Bay South, Newfoundland
Teacher Molly Pope_Flagbee Classroom Management Tool
Mr. Darrel Brenton is a Math and Science Teacher 
at Villanova Junior High

"I found them to be extremely useful in keeping the kids busy with their work while they were waiting for someone to come help them. Very specific instructions were given before using so they knew they weren't a toy, and that they were to continue working once the Flagbee was up. 

One project that stands out was when the 6th graders were working on a research project. The Flagbees worked great! The students would put the flag up and continue searching for their information. It helped to keep kids away from my desk and in their seats. I also used them when we were reviewing. The students used the Flagbee to show that they had come up with an answer. 

I really feel the Flagbees are a useful tool in the classroom. It helped improve my students' time on task and allowed me to help them with fewer disruptions. Thank you!"

Mandi Clark - Sandy Creek Elementary in Fairfield, NE
Flagbee Classroom Management Tool_Cottonwood Elementary, Salina KS
"The Flagbees are great and my students enjoy using them everyday.  
It has cut down tremendously on extra room chatter when a student needs assistance. Students are doing very well by moving on to the next problem. They are working hard to obtain independent success.  
I applied the Flagbees with velcro to each students' spot so that if we need a clean tabletop we can remove them and then easily reapply.  

So far so good! Thank you again so very much!"

Cheryl Werth - Cottonwood Elementary in Salina, KS
USD #305 "Teacher of the Year"

"The Flagbee is wonderful for small group/independent work time. I instruct students to raise their flag when they need help, circle the problem they are stuck on, and continue to work. When I am in small group, I can work with that group, and once I have them working on an activity, I can leave them alone for a few minutes while I make the rounds in the classroom answering questions for those with their flags up. In many cases, the flags go up, but wind up coming down before I get around to answering their question, because the students went back to the problem, thought about it some more and were able to solve on their own. It's a wonderful way to keep students working while waiting on help. Everyone stays on task."

Christy Heath, 6th Grade (ESL) Teacher Goodman Elementary School
Arlington ISD - Hurst, Texas
Flagbee Classroom Management System - Nebraska
"I have to say that your Flagbees have transformed my computer labs! I am loving them and so are the kids. Instead of kids interrupting me or shouting from across the lab, they are putting up their flags and actually working through their own problems, so much even that many times when I get to them they have already found the solution themselves. It has made my teaching day go so much smoother, thanks!"

Rick Meyer, K-6 Tech Facilitator And Instructor North/South Elementary
Sidney, Nebraska



They totally saved my sanity during this normally INSANE time at the end of the quarter as kids work to revise, edit, and then turn their final drafts into actual BOOKS using the laptops from the mobile lab.

No longer did kids sit with their hand up or try to flag me down for help as I walked by. They simply put their flag up and THEN CONTINUED WORKING! Seriously, THEY KEPT WORKING! Many of them put the flag back down because they figured out their own solution! Or because a neighbor saw they needed help and they figured it out together.

Like I said, I LOVE these things, and the kids do, too! I highly recommend these for any classroom, and if you are working with laptops at all, there are an absolute NECESSITY!

Thanks, Rita, for sharing them with me!

Mrs. T.G. of Edublogs
Flagbee Classroom Management
Flagbee Classroom Management Tools for Elementary Ed
Flagbee Classroom Management
Flagbee Classroom Management Tools for Elementary Ed
What a wonderful creation! Implementing Flagbee in the classroom has been an excellent tool for fluidity of independent practice, cooperative learning, and teaching individual student accountability! 

One of my favorite strategies for Flagbee is in regard to transitions. I divide my class into two color teams. Each week students are assigned a new partner from the opposite team, called their "Brain Partner." I may then easily say, "When I say go, please pair up with your Brain Partner, purple partner get the supplies needed, and green partner choose a spot on the floor." This creates a smooth and easy transition, as well as promoting teamwork and accountability throughout the week. Students will raise their flags when finished, and I can easily determine who is on task. 

Flagbee has been a fabulous addition to my classroom! I continue to implement them in different ways, as the students love them! The uses seem endless!

Mrs. Jennifer Tygard, 3rd Grade Teacher Heritage Elementary
Olathe, KS

"Both my 4th grade students and I love our Flag-bees! The Flag-bee is such an effective tool in the classroom that improves work completion, on task behavior, and cooperation. I use the Flag-bee several different ways. When students are working on an assignment and need assistance, they can put their Flag-bee up to signal help is needed. If I’m busy working with another student, they know to circle the problem they are stuck on and keep working. No more excuses that they can’t continue working because their hand was in the air and they were waiting on me.

Flag-bees help minimize disruptions such as shouting out and keeping students in their seats. Sometimes I will have students put their Flag-bees up to indicate they are finished with a task or activity. I buy different colored flags to place my kids in cooperative groups based on skills. They never know what the colors mean and their flag color could change anytime, which excites them to get a new colored flag! I use Velcro to adhere the Flag-bees to their desks. I go over my very strict rules and expectations at the beginning of the year on how to use a Flag-bee and how to lose one. Students love their Flag-bees so much the last thing they want to do is lose it!

The quality of the Flag-bee is well worth the investment if you’re looking to improve classroom behavior and increase student independence and engagement. I’ve used my Flag-bees for 6 years and I have absolutely no clue how I would teach without them now! "

Stacia Luthi - 4th Grade Teacher Hyde Leadership & International Explorations Magnet 
Wichita, KS 

Flagbee Classroom Management
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